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RAH Pencil Pack – Vintage Red Hot Trio


Yearin’ For The Burinin’

Red alert, pencils on fire! This RAH Pencil Pack includes a trio of smokin’ pencils. Each pack includes ::

- One vintage Maxim 2800 pencil from Masats. Glossy, phat, and bold – black and red stripes with gold imprint sexin’ you up! Pre-sharpened with a black booty and white band. No. 3B lead, hexagonal barrel. Measurin’ 7". Made in Spain.

- One vintage Esperanto 75 pencil from Baignol & Farjon. Hexagonal barrel in the perfect shade of red paired with gold imprint – understated yet sexy, totally French! No. 1 lead (B), pre-sharpened. Measurin’ in at approximately 7". Made in France.

- One deadstock Chung Hwa 6151 pencil. Slick red body with alternating superfine and super-phat black stripes. Gold imprint and fancy-ass gold ferrule with pink eraser. HB lead, hexagonal barrel. Measurin’ 7.5". Made in China.

Heads-up – there may be a bit of wear and tear due to the vintage nature of the goods.

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