Australian Office Supplies: RAD AND HUNGRY Booster Pack

Booster Pack – Australia



Australia Booster Pack, bringin’ the vintage hotness. All these goods are no longer produced – but we hunted ‘em down.

Read the Low Down to learn about the super-sleuthin' sourcing trip.

    • The Australia Booster Pack includes ::

      - We don’t know why crazy rad 80’s neon and squiggles = botany, but we are DOWN for that. This vintage staple-bound notebook has a cardboard cover with room for your name, school, subject and date on the front. The back cover? Everything needed to pretend like you’re payin’ attention in math class. The thin, vellum-like white pages alternate between ruled and blank. 48 pages total. Measurin’ in at 8.1”W x 11.75”L. Made in Australia.

      - Your VERY OWN Victoria! In elementary school, every student got these states to trace. (And yes, we totally wanna collect all six.) We did a lot of our huntin’ in Melbourne, so RAHstrs get a Victoria state. Made in Australia.

      - One stylin’ yellow tape dispenser. You won’t be able to peel your eyes from these bold angles. Grooved lines detail each side, while the flat base means it’ll sit up straight on your desk. Includes one roll of clear 18mm mending tape, with a finish that’s specifically designed for writin’ on.

      - One vintage Columbia ‘Copperplate’ high-grade drawing pencil. Take a close look – see that sexy curve on the pre-sharpened tip? That’s because each and every pencil was hand-sharpened with a mechanical pencil sharpener. THAT’s how old these are. Finish it all out with gold-foil wings, and we’re in love. Measurin’ about 7”. Made in Australia.

      - Another vintage Columbia ‘Copperplate’ pencil – this one with red lead for copying. This is THE school pencil in Australia – every student had one. And we’ve gotta say, we saw more red-lead pencils on this trip than anywhere else. Those gold-foil wings pop against the rich purple paint job. Measurin’ in at about 6.9”.

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    • The Australia Booster Pack can be purchased for $22.
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      Booster Packs are designed and packed with lots of love and shipped via USPS. They normally ship out 4-6 weeks from release date, but during busy periods it may take us a little longer. If we’re out of the country when you placed your order, it’ll take us 2-3 weeks to ship ANY item. (Planes don’t get great postal service.) Due to the small-scale, hands-on nature of our production, we can't guarantee an exact delivery date. If things are held up for longer than we expected, we'll let you know!