RAD AND HUNGRY: A Rock and a Hard Piece Subscription

Our sourcing trips are chock full of so much rad, I’m always asking myself – how can we share more of the crazy randomness with RAHstrs? How can we share what we’re experiencing immediately, while we’re in the moment, laughing our asses off over something we just experienced?

The answer hit me during a sourcing trip. Earlier that evening we’d been at the beach, scouring for rocks. I collect sand, shells and rocks from every beach I visit and put them in glass jars on my kitchen windowsill. Every one is different and reminds me of the trip.

As we were sitting at dinner – totally relaxed, removed from work, mind wandering and creative juices flowing… it struck me! We could share the random awesomeness with RAHstrs, to include them in our travels. I shouted, “A ROCK AND A HARD PIECE!” (Yes, actually shouted.)

A rock and a piece of candy from a foreign country, packaged locally, with locally sourced materials – PLUS an haiku, ode, or some other crazy expression we dream up. Something that reflects the random moments, the weird stories that only happen far from home.

The A Rock and a Hard Piece (RAP) subscription adds another level of experiencing our low-down adventures. It’s another way subscribers can experience how daily-diet design differs from country to country. This new addition to the RAD AND HUNGRY lineup adds to our overall philosophy – that travel transforms the everyday into something inspired.

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