77 / STMT Kit x Germany: German office supplies from RAD AND HUNGRY

74 / STMT Kit x Germany



Backtrackin' familiar tracks. Searchin’ for the past. Tick tock. Tick tock. Times changin' – reachin’ for rewind. Stop. Time won’t pass us by. Droppin’ fly goods like an old-school mixtape. Just press play.

Read the Low Down to learn about the stuck-on-time sourcing trip.

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  • Our 74th limited-edition STMT Kit features these time-after-time German goods ::

    - One felt tip pen. Our fave kind of instrument for writing letters to RAHstrs! Plastic cap with super duper sturdy metal clip (it’s not budgin’ or breakin’). Black ink is hella rich in color, smudge-proof, waterproof, non-toxic, and won’t dry out! Pressure-resistant plastic metal tip, 0.5 mm. Measurin’ about 5.25" long. Made in Germany.

    - One sketchbook. This lo-fi yet luxe sketchbook will make your scribbles, sketches, and anything you throw down archive worthy. Cover includes includes attached label for customizing. The hefty bleach-free paper is high pigment bonding and acid-free. 32 cream-colored blank pages. 120 gsm. Measurin' about 6.3"W x 7.9"H. Made in Germany.

    - One box of 100 triangle-tip paper clips. Ends are slightly turnt up and out with a subtle flair – the Dougie of paper clips. Their shimmy shimmy style is totally opposite of the German-precision stereotype. But it’s why we love ‘em! Featured the copper version in our first STMT Kit x Germany and we use ‘em as confetti in our super duper custom gift wrap. 32 mm. Made in Germany.

  • The Germany Kit is a Back Issue and can only be ordered as a single item. Price is $25. New Quarterly, Semester, and Yearly Subscriptions will not include this kit.

  • For domestic orders, a flat fee of $7 per kit covers shipping and handling. Contact us at helpme@radandhungry.com for customized shipping options – this includes gift and bulk orders, as well as options for international shipping.

    Each STMT Kit is designed and packed with lots of love and shipped via USPS. Kits normally ship out 4-6 weeks from release date, but during busy periods it may take us a little longer. If we’re out of the country when you placed your order, it’ll take us 2-3 weeks to ship ANY item. (Planes don’t get great postal service.) Due to the small-scale, hands-on nature of our production, we can't guarantee an exact delivery date. If things are held up for longer than we expected, we'll let you know!