Every day we’re traveling. Bold and bootyclappin’ –
pushing design through travel and travel through design.


RAD AND HUNGRY sparked from founder Hen Chung's addiction to travel and office supplies. With the rest of the RAH posse, it’s a nonstop world tour – a hunt for lo-fi goods from low-down travel.

The common thread is design, but unrefined design – “local” in the sense that it’s part of the everyday landscape. We’re taken by the concept that simple, daily items are given new meaning through travel. It transforms the mundane into something inspired. Something small becomes something mighty.

What we aren't – a slick service, from the lo-fi goods we sell to the lo-fi materials and methods we use to create our in-house designs. We move at an inconsistent speed. We putter then we push hard. We're moved by what inspires us, sometimes sprinting through minutes, hours and days – then meandering as we mull over concepts and memories.

What we are – obsessed with travel, design and lo-fi style. Connecting with people who love the same. Our designs and stories transfer that experience without altering what's inside – lo-fi goods locally sourced from around the world.

Founded in Seattle, RAH kicked off the world tour in October 2010. Want to get in touch? Email to chat or set up a time to swing by headquarters.