How do I speak to someone at RAD AND HUNGRY?
Easy like Sunday morning – email helpme@radandhungry.

Where are you located?
Our headquarters are in Seattle. We open 'em up by appointment only. If you're going to be in town, drop us a line!




What are STMT Kits?
A combo office-supply and travel subscription box, each kit in The Something Mighty (STMT) Collection is filled with office supplies locally sourced from around the world. Our own custom designs and sweet wrap jobs transform these subscription boxes into a full-on, hands-on experience. Get the full break down.

Are STMT Kits limited edition?
Yup – edition numbers vary from kit to kit.

Can I get back issues of an STMT Kit?
As long as there's inventory, yes – we don't make new issues once the month is closed. Check 'em on our In-Stock Page.

What do I do if the kit I want is sold out?
Bummer. That really sucks, we're sorry. Since the kits are limited edition, this does happen. Why not email us at and tell us which kit you missed out on? We'll do our best to create a kit from that country for the next World Tour.

Why don't you offer a monthly subscription service that automatically renews every month?
Each STMT Kit varies in edition size, based on the number of goods we secure during a sourcing trip. If we did month-by-month subscriptions, we could end up in a situation where the number of monthly subscribers is larger than the number of available kits. Which we're not down with!

What do I do if I think I am missing an STMT Kit?
Email helpme@radandhungry and let us know. If there are issues with the Post, we’ll resend you the kit or item you’re missing. We want to make it right!

Goods in my STMT Kit are damaged, can I get a new one?
Given the nature of the lo-fi goods and similar to your favorite pair of jeans, there is love in the imperfections. That said, we'll definitely exchange any damaged kit components for new ones. Make sure you contact us ASAP if you find your goods to be damaged, as kits do sell out. Please specify which item(s) were damaged in transit.

Can I receive a refund if I don’t like an STMT Kit?
Sorry, but we don’t issue refunds. We recommend checking out past kits and customer reviews to get a good idea of the RAD AND HUNGRY experience!

How do I cancel my subscription?
Like refunds, we don’t do mid-subscription cancellations. STMT Kits are non-refundable and you won't be reimbursed for pending kits within your subscription cycle. But we know mistakes happen – we're willing to cancel a Quarterly, Semester, or Yearly Subscription within 24 hours of your order being placed. If this is the case, email helpme@radandhungry saying you want to cancel with your name and order number. It would help us out if you include any info about what got you tripped up so we can improve the checkout process.




How much do you charge for shipping?
For STMT Kits, a flat fee of $7 per kit covers domestic shipping and handling. Shipping for other items is determined by weight and where you're sendin' it.

Contact us at helpme@radandhungry for customized shipping options – this includes gift and bulk orders, as well as options for international shipping.

Yes! I just placed an order! When can I expect it to arrive?
Hi-five! Each RAD AND HUNGRY item is designed and packed with lots of love and shipped via USPS. We get ‘em out as fast as we can, but it may take us 1-2 weeks to ship your order.

If you pre-ordered an STMT Kit (exciting!!), check the product page for estimated shipping dates. Kits normally ship out 4-6 weeks from release date, but during busy periods it may take us a little longer.

If we’re out of the country when you placed your order, it’ll take us 2-3 weeks to ship ANY item. (Planes don’t get great postal service.)

Due to the small-scale, hands-on nature of our production, we can't guarantee an exact delivery date. If things are held up for longer than we expected, we'll let you know!

Can I order from an international location?
Absolutely – email helpme@radandhungry to confirm shipping costs. If applicable, you’re responsible for any customs tariffs and fees, which may include excise duty, customs duty, import VAT and carrier handling fees.

Whoaaa – is your shopping cart broken or is the listed shipping fee for my STMT Subscription accurate?
Yup, that's correct. For Quarterly, Semester and Yearly Subscriptions, your total includes ALL future shipping charges. If you order a Quarterly Subscription, your shipping fee includes three months of shipping – Semester Subscriptions include six months, and a Yearly Subscription includes ten.

I moved. How do I update my address for my STMT Subscription?
Email helpme@radandhungry – it's the ONLY way to make sure your kits will get to your new 'hood! (Updating your address in your account or Paypal sadly doesn't notify us.)

My order was sent back to RAH headquarters because my address was incorrect. Do I have to pay to have it shipped to me again?
If you entered your address incorrectly, we’ll need to charge you again for shipping. However, if it’s our bad or USPS made a mistake, you won’t be charged.




So you only sell subscription boxes?
Nope! We sell all sorts of office supplies and school supplies locally sourced from all over the world – plus, some art, clothing, tools and more. Basically, anything we love that fits our vibe – lo-fi goods from low-down travel.

I want a custom kit. How do I make it happen?
Awesome! If you or your company would like a custom order for a promotion or event, contact helpme@radandhungry.

What about other collabs?
We love hearing from other rad folks. If you’re interested in working together, get at us.