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Romanian 'Niu' Desk Organizer



Up your style game with the Niu Desk Organizer. These desk accessories are made from cork and white-painted aluminium, creating a solid set that still looks refined. Store your phone or tablet, post-it notes, business cards, pencil sharpener, tape dispenser, pens, pencils, and paper clips. (That's a LOT of stuff!) Each piece fits like a puzzle on the included aluminum letter tray – or arrange them separately on your desk to make 'em your own!

Buy the entire desk set, or pick and choose your favorite pieces!

All pieces are made in Romania. The Complete Desk Set includes one of each ::

- Business Card Holder (108mm x 73mm x38mm)
- Paperclip Cup (70mm x 70mm x 70mm)
- Pencil Holder (70mm x 70mm x 100mm)
- Pencil Sharpener (70mm x 70mm x 60mm)
- Tape Dispenser (108mm x 31mm x 70mm)
- Phone or Tablet Stand (303mm x 222mm x 35mm)
- Paper Tray (303mm x 222mm x 35mm)

- Post-It Note Holder (104mm x 99mm x 50mm)

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