72 / STMT Kit x Colombia: Colombian office supplies from RAD AND HUNGRY

72 / STMT Kit x Colombia


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Guided by moonlight, holdin’ onto hope. Low-down travel adventures gotta have faith. Fueled by pinky swears, glowin’ on juicy lo-fi goods – Colombia's got a grip. Hold me tight, but let me go. Ride or die – bring on the bad romance.

Read the Low Down to learn about the ride-or-die sourcing trip.

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  • Our 72nd limited-edition STMT Kit features these big-n-juicy Colombian goods ::

    - One double-sided, color block pencil! Rally the warrior and get ready for a battle – this pencil is mightier than the sword. HB lead with orange barrel on one end, red lead with maroon barrel on the other. Gold imprint. Measurin’ 7.5". Made in Colombia.

    A collection of pencil-wieldin’ warrior note pads (all made in Colombia), including ::

    - One "Block Periódicio" note pad. Chock full of lo-fi newsprint love – the standard issue paper good used by all Colombians. Speckled cream-colored cover with 50 newsprint sheets inside. Measurin’ aprox. 5.375" x 7.75".

    - One "Block Medio Oficio" note pad. Big-tasty-passion-fruit-colored cover with white sheets, smooth finish. 50 sheets. Measurin’ aprox. 6.375" x 9".

    - One "Block Dina" note pad. Speckled cream-colored cover with 20 graph sheets, used by students to replicate illustrations and more to scale. Design includes a gang of fields for recording name, school, subject, assignment, grade, date, notes, and more! Measurin’ aprox. 8.875" x 13".

  • The Colombia Kit is a Back Issue and can only be ordered as a single item. Price is $26. New Quarterly, Semester, and Yearly Subscriptions will not include this kit.

  • For domestic orders, a flat fee of $7 per kit covers shipping and handling. Contact us at helpme@radandhungry.com for customized shipping options – this includes gift and bulk orders, as well as options for international shipping.

    Each STMT Kit is designed and packed with lots of love and shipped via USPS. Kits normally ship out 4-6 weeks from release date, but during busy periods it may take us a little longer. If we’re out of the country when you placed your order, it’ll take us 2-3 weeks to ship ANY item. (Planes don’t get great postal service.) Due to the small-scale, hands-on nature of our production, we can't guarantee an exact delivery date. If things are held up for longer than we expected, we'll let you know!