Coffee Shop Hits Record Book | A RAD AND HUNGRY Passport

Coffee Shop Hits Record Book


All the Jams

Embark on your own world tour through the awesomeness of coffee with the Coffee Shop Hits Record Book. Our first release in the RAD AND HUNGRY Passport Series featuring low-down adventure tools for exploring around your hometown to the next town.

Join the full-on adventure of collecting coffee shop stamps! Whip it out. Crack a smile. Ask the barista to stamp a page. If the coffee shop doesn’t stamp their to-go cups, purchase a sticker (sometimes they’re free!). No stamp or sticker? No problem. Draw in their logo. And don’t forget to knock off countries and drinks from the checklist. Give it a shot!

Read the Low Down to learn how celebrating local businesses and getting to know the people that help fuel my day inspired our Coffee Shop Hits Record Book.

  • Made in USA
  • Measurin’ approx. 3.5" x 5.5"
  • 2-Color Riso printed cover 
  • Blank paper, 24 pages (12 sheets)
  • Saddle-stitch binding, metallic turquoise staples

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    * Disclaimer – This is not a RAH PSA giving you permission to go out and put you and others at risk of catching COVID. Mask up, keep your distance, and follow proper hygiene. And respect the businesses and their staff.