Vietnamese Office Supplies: Booster Pack x Viet Nam

Booster Pack – Viet Nam



Sometimes you score big in little ways – namely, mini Vietnamese staplers that are TRICKED OUT.

Read the Low Down to learn about the scooterin' sourcing trip.

    • The Viet Nam Booster Pack includes ::

      - One lightweight mini stapler sportin’ a chartreuse-green body. This bad boy leaves a flat staple – metal tabs are pressed flat on the back. See that orange tab? It’s an adjustable guide so you can staple exactly where you want, on repeat – OCD at its best. Made a mistake? No sweat – the metal tab at the back is a stapler remover. Made in Vietnam.

      - One box of 1,000 staplers so you can get down to it. Made in Vietnam.

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    • The Viet Nam Booster Pack can be purchased for $8.
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      Booster Packs are designed and packed with lots of love and shipped via USPS. They normally ship out 4-6 weeks from release date, but during busy periods it may take us a little longer. If we’re out of the country when you placed your order, it’ll take us 2-3 weeks to ship ANY item. (Planes don’t get great postal service.) Due to the small-scale, hands-on nature of our production, we can't guarantee an exact delivery date. If things are held up for longer than we expected, we'll let you know!