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A head-shaking, bootyclappin’, WTF-inducing, totally random subscription full of awesomeness. It’s over the top, super silly, massively fun, and random is KING.

A Rock and a Hard Piece (RAP) subscription consists of four RAP Packs per year, one per quarter, mailed locally from the source country. No release dates are announced in advance (not even the month). Packs show up out of the blue – a total surprise from somewhere far away.

Subscriptions are limited-edition and can only be purchased once a year, during the holiday time period. RAP Packs will start shipping in 2017, and continue shipping through the year.

Questions? Check the FAQ’s or read the boomin’ story behind it.

The goods in the photos? They won't be included with your subscription (bummer). But we’ll pick out somethin’ special just for you.

  • With A Rock and a Hard Piece, you get three things: something to touch, something to taste, and something to experience. Each RAP Pack includes one rock, one piece of candy, and one locally purchased postcard or piece of art by a local artist. The back of the postcard will feature a random art expression, inspired by the country we're in. The art expression may be a haiku, an ode, a doodle, or something equally rad. It's a new way for us to share our experiences based on travel and design with a far-flung community of like-minded people (yup, that’d be you!). 

  • Subscription price is $200 this price includes all four RAP Packs AND future shipping costs. If the RAP Subscription is a gift, we’ll email a customized .pdf gift certificate to print out and wrap up, or we can email the gift certificate directly to the lucky recipient.

  • When you subscribe to A Rock and a Hard Piece, you’re signing up to be part of a totally crazy-fun adventure, and like all totally crazy-fun adventures, there are a few things we gotta make clear upfront.

    1. There is no set schedule for ship dates – each RAP Pack will be pieced together when we find the right goods, in the right place. (But you WILL get four a year.)

    2. There is no guarantee of delivery window – each RAP Pack will be shipped from a different location around the world, so some deliveries may take longer than others.

    3. We’ll email you when a RAP Pack has been mailed, so you can be on the lookout for it. We won’t, however, disclose the source country – we like surprises.

    4. Due to conditions beyond our control (including the nature of shipping globally from a wide variety of countries), we cannot guarantee that all four packages will arrive. If one doesn’t show up, we will do our best to remedy the situation.

    5. The recipient is responsible for any import tax and duty.

    6. Yes, you purchase at your own risk, but we personally think the risk-to-reward ratio is pretty high on the “reward” factor for this one.