Solarium Book from Alice Wietzel / RAD AND HUNGRY

Solarium Book



We collabed with French illustrator Alice Wietzel to create our 6th World Tour Gift. When we heard about her latest project, a limited-edition risograph print book? HAD TO HAVE.

Created in collaboration with Riso Presto, Solarium tells the story of a group of bootylicious ladies drinkin' up the sun: "It's about women bathing in the sun without sunscreen or swimwear. The hours pass as you turn the pages of the book, and they get more and more sunburned. When the sun sets, they all get back to normal."

Each book is individually numbered. Perfect bound with book cloth. 28 pages, measurin' in at about 10.625"W x 14.625"L when closed. Published by Presto Éditions in France.