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Booster Pack – Albania



You may recognize the characters – but these animations hail from Communist-era Albania. Got their own special twist we couldn’t resist.

Read the Low Down to learn about the dreamy sourcing trip.

    • The Albania Booster Pack includes ::

      - Two staple-bound vintage notebooks featuring classic fairy-tale designs on the front and multiplication tables on the back. One design shows the Beast courting Belle – the other, a grinnin’ Puss in Boots. The illustrations drew us in, but we love the thin cardboard covers and the slightly textured feel of the graph sheets. 32 sheets total (64 pages countin’ front and back). Measurin’ in at 5.5”W x 8”L. Made in Albania.

      - A pack of labels including two designs. The first – blue-ruled rectangles that match the front of the notebooks. Each sheet is finished off with a small white rectangle with rounded corners. Can’t waste that space! 8 sheets total – 24 blue-lined labels, and 8 white labels. Made in Albania.

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    • The Albania Booster Pack can be purchased for $12.
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