Vintage Notebook and Bi-Colored Pencil: Booster Pack x Chile

Booster Pack – Chile



Everything we scored for the Chile Booster Pack was screamin’ Chile with the red, white and blue. And when we learned that the country’s National Independence Day is September 18 (the month we’re celebrating all things Chilean)? BOOM! Sealed the deal!

Learn about the dream-fulfilling sourcing trip – read the Low Down.

The Chile Booster Pack includes ::

- One clothbound vintage notebook rockin’ a rad geometric pattern. Hefty cover made of thick-ass chipboard. 200 ruled pages. Cover design features space for including name and subject. Measurin' 6" x 7.75". Made in Chile. *Due to vintage nature there may be some wear and tear.*

- One phat double pencil with blue on one end, red on the other. Gold-colored imprint featuring arrow design. Yes to more rad geometric patterns!

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