Denmark Booster Pack: Made in Denmark Pencils and more
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Booster Pack – Denmark




Love STMT X Denmark? Get your extra fix of Danish goods with these sweet add-ons – or just snag these Viking goods on their own. Either way, you’ll be ready for battle.

The Denmark Booster Pack includes ::

- Two Viking school pencils that take old school to the next level – slick yellow-painted body, black imprint, and that bootylicious end dipped in black. Made from high-quality wood that is break-resistant and easy to sharpen. HB lead.
- Two Viking pencils rockin’ a maroon body in the same color of the Danish passport. Silver imprint and that black finish. Like the school pencils, these office styles are made from break-resistant, easy-to-sharpen wood. HB lead.
- One black Viking eraser. Viking only makes ONE eraser, and that’s because this one is so damn fine. Big, solid – gets the job done in style.

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