Booster Pack X England: English Office Supplies – Oxford Pencils and More
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Booster Pack – England




Gambler, rocker, lover… winner. Can’t lose with these rad goods rockin’ the British-collegiate vibe.

The England Booster Pack includes ::

- Two slick-and-shiny navy pencils with a gold ferrule and white eraser. An updated version of the customer-favorite pencil from our first STMT X England Kit! HB lead. Measurin’ 7.5”.

- Two A6 notebook. 80 pages (!!!) of lined, 5mm square graph, or blank sheets. Four notebook colors – muted salmon, mustard yellow, vintage green, and cornflower blue. Booster Pack includes two different style sheets and two different notebook colors. Made in the UK from sustainable resources. Measurin’ 210 x 297mm.

Want a specific color ​ or style sheet​? No guarantees, but let us know in the Notes field in Checkout and we’ll try to hook it up!

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