Booster Pack X Thailand: Thai Office Supplies – Rulers and More
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Booster Pack – Thailand




You know it’s true… and now everyone will thanks to the Thailand Booster Pack! Just break out this ruler and hear the applause.

The Thailand Booster Pack includes ::

- One round body, retractable ballpoint pen with clip. Blue ink, fine point, measurin’ 5.75”.

- One square body, retractable ballpoint pen with clip. Blue ink, medium point, measurin’ 5.5”.

- One metal ruler with centimeters on one side, inches on the other. Back side includes conversion table makin’ the swap from inches to centimeters a breeze! PERFECT! Measures up to 15 cm / 6 in. Made in Thailand.

The Booster Pack is available in four color options, based on pen.

- Cream
- Pink
- Blue
- Lavender

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