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Ernest Wright & Son Multi-Purpose Scissors



All Purpose, All the Time

This multi-purpose design is our go-to desk scissors – the perfect size for your everyday needs!

Established in 1902 in Sheffield, England (the birthplace of stainless steel), Ernest Wright & Son creates scissors that last a lifetime. Each pair are handmade – a labor of love rooted deep in a process that’s learned by watching, over and over and over again. No YouTube training video, no books to study. The craft is all about the maker’s judgement – knowing the “exact” weight by feel, not by a scale, and “precision” edges pounded with a hammer that has a palm imprint worn into the handle from years of use. 

These scissors are made with hard-wearing carbon steel blades for lifelong precision-edge retention. Store in dry conditions. Ernest Wright & Son provide a life-time guarantee for their scissors.

Available in two options – 5" (total length measurin' 5", blade approx. 2.5") or 7" (total length measurin' 7", blade approx. 3.5").

Learn about our swoon-heavy visit with the makers behind Ernest Wright & Sons.

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