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Ernest Wright & Son Stork Scissors – Antique




Established in 1902 in Sheffield, England (the birthplace of stainless steel), Ernest Wright & Son creates scissors that last a lifetime.

Each pair of scissors are handmade – a labor of love rooted deep in a process that’s learned by watching, over and over and over again. No YouTube training video, no books to study. The craft is all about the maker’s judgement – knowing the “exact” weight by feel, not by a scale, and “precision” edges pounded with a hammer that has a palm imprint worn into the handle from years of use.

During our visit, the makers at Ernest Wright & Son shared the story behind the now famous stork design. Back in the day, women received these scissors to cut the umbilical cord of their newborn babe. Today the design is used for their embroidery, needlework, and thread scissors.

These gorgeous scissors are the original design, with a classic polish with straight blades. Very fine point for delicate work. Made with hard-wearing carbon steel blades for lifelong precision-edge retention. Store in dry conditions. Total length measurin' 4.5", blade approx. 1.5".

Packaging includes PVC wallet and a City of Sheffield, Made in Sheffield Certificate stamped with the Mayor’s signature.

Learn about our visit with the Ernest Wright & Son crew. Watch Putter Cliff (and our #1 crush) work his magic.

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