American Vintage Pencil Pack | RAD AND HUNGRY

Pencil Pack – American Vintage



A trio of American made pencils! Each pack includes ::

- One vintage “MONGOL Fine Writing 481” Eberhard Faber pencil rockin’ a goldenrod body with black imprint. Blind hit of “WOODCLINCHED”. 3H lead. Measurin’ 7".

- One vintage “MONGOL Fine Writing 293” pencil from Eberhard Faber. Slick evergreen body with white imprint. Blind hit of “WOODCLINCHED”. No. 2 lead. Measurin’ 7".

- One vintage “Invader 511” pencil from Wallace. Goldenrod body, metallic blue imprint, with a oh-so-cool blue and silver ferrule. No. 2 2/4 lead. Measurin’ 7.5".

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