Booster Pack X USA: American Office Supplies – Vintage US Postage Stamps and More
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Booster Pack – USA




Your letter recipient won’t be the only one excited by the USA Booster Pack – anyone who spies it on its way can’t help but smile!

The USA Booster Pack includes ::

- One full sheet of vintage US postage stamps commemorating the 50th anniversary of Arizona’s addition as the 48th US state. Sheet includes 50 4¢ US postage stamps in mint condition. Stamps printed on a Giori Press (three-color engraving from a single plate!), making them beautifully textured and unique. Issued February 14, 1962. Use the stamps to doll up your envelopes or frame for safe keeping.

- Five made-in-America “Air Mail” envelopes rockin’ a retro vibe. Each envelope reps three languages - French, Spanish, and English. Size 3.625" in x 6.5".

- One PaperMate 'American Naturals' pencil with HB lead. Blue foil stamp job with a silver ferrule. This vintage model was made-in-the-USA. Guess who mentions this pencil as one of his faves?

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