Transporte – A Photography Book from Ewa Priester / RAD AND HUNGRY
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Transporte Photography Book




We've shied away from stocking goods other than office supplies, but Transporte is a natural fit for RAD AND HUNGRY. Created by Ewa Priester (our host on the STMT X Brazil sourcing trip), the book combines our love of all things public transportation, travel, and photography. Handmade and lo-fi with obvious signs of love, Tranporte is a passion project that’s oh-so RAH.

The photos are moody, they're mysterious, they'll draw you in. You'll discover a side of Rio that rarely gets noticed – little corners, rich textures, people that fade into the background. Ewa has the magic ability to capture the invisible.

Each paperback book is handmade by Ewa. Multiple styles of paper used throughout the book in varying weight and finishes. 24 black-and-white inkjet printed pages. 12cm x 18cm.

Curious about Ewa and her work? Check her other books. Read her Artist Profile.

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