Vintage Italian Pigna x Alitalia Letter Set / RAD AND HUNGRY

Italian PignaJet Airmail Letter Set



Surprise your friend, lover, parent, or someone special with snail mail. Time’s may change, but nothin’ can take the place of lo-fi goods.

This vintage Airmail Letter Set was a collab between two Italian companies with mad history – Alitalia and Pigna. One company manufactures goods so people can communicate via snail mail, the other delivers 'em.

Made in Italy, the set includes ::

- One paper folder featuring a super-rad design (that PignaJet logo, that photo!!) with pocket and flap. (19.5mm x 28.5mm)
- Ten cream-colored sheets (18mm x 27.5mm)
- Ten envelopes (18.5mm x 10mm)

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