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RAH Pencil Pack – Vintage Bulgarian Hemus



One pack of three vintage Hemus cedar-wood pencils. From their humble bookstore beginning to a bangin’ pencil factory and more, the family business based in Burgus, Bulgaria cranked out their first pencil in 1925.

This RAH Pencil Pack includes three vintage Bulgarian pencils ::

- Two Lion pencils. Fierce green body with gold imprint be slayin’. Would you expect anything less from a pencil named Lion? HB lead, round barrel. Measurin’ in at approximately 7". Made in Bulgaria, circa 1950’s.

- One Tehnikum pencil. Sunshine in the form of pencils. These Tehnikum pencils rock various shades of yellow from bright lemon to the classic goldenrod. H, HB, or 2B. Hexagonal barrel. Made in Bulgaria, circa 1950’s.

The RAH Pencil Pack is available in four options, based on Tehnikum pencil – H, HB, B, or 2B.

Heads-up – there may be a bit of wear and tear due to the vintage nature of the goods.

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