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Trilingual Workbook Set



Polyglot Goals

Lover of lo-fi office supplies, master of multiple languages. Totally winning at life. Sounds awesome, right? Get crackin’ with our trilingual workbook set. Each set includes three made-in-Georgia workbooks ::

- One English workbook. 90s clipart graphics and graph sheets for learning the English alphabet. 32 pages. Measurin' about 6.5"W x 8."H.

- One Georgian workbook. Don’t be intimidated by the Georgian alphabet! Georgian-ruled sheets for keepin’ all the circles and curves in check. 32 pages. Measurin' about 6.5"W x 8."H.

- One Russian workbook. Next level clipart illustrations and calligraphy-ruled sheets for practicing Russian Cyrillic cursive. 32 pages. Measurin' about 6.5"W x 8."H.

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